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Crowe's Candle CompanyWe started making candles because we were tired of paying high prices for candles that didn't burn well, and after burning, lost their scent.

You know you've been there ... the centers burn and you're left with the wax on the sides. You start poking around on it, but now you've lost the wick. Then you start digging the wick breaks and you toss the candle.

Crowe's® Candle Company Candles are 100% GUARANTEED. Our candles burn evenly. Our wicks don't break. And because we use a highly concentrated candle oil, our candles will fill your home with your favorite fragrance for the entire life of the candle.

Never again will you wonder or ask guests of your home, "Do you smell the candle"?

We are sure you will be pleased with Crowe's® Candle Company Candles, because we make them for you just as we make them for ourselves. We are not just another candle company. We offer a candle that does what it is supposed to do. Experience us.


Steve, Marie & Family

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Did you know...
- For the past 29 years Crowes Candles
have been made in Fredericktown, MO 63645.
- The company is family owned and operated.
- All candle contents are also Made in the USA

Crowes Candles

2015 Craft Show Schedule

updated 27 October 2015

Craft Show Information

As many of you are aware, we often run out of fragrances during the course of a craft show.

To allow us to better serve our valued customers, we have implemented a pre-
show ordering program.

Simply phone your order, using our 1-800-208-9072 number, no later than the Wednesday prior to the show and we will have your order ready for pickup when you arrive. You do not pay for your pre-pack order until you have made your final selection at the show.

Feel free to call up to 9 p.m.

Crowes Candles

Guaranteed to be "The Best Candle You Will Ever Buy"™

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